Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare will conduct this year, in cooperation with Tallinn’s Sport and Youth Department, Vaivara Commune Administration and NGO Peace Child Estonia the project „Volunteer for Tomorrow – Homne Vabatahtlik“, supported by the European Commission. The project takes place in the framework of European Year for Volunteering 2011 and is directed at increasing the cooperation and coordination of youth organisation and volunteer based organisations.



Raise awareness of volunteering itself, motivate and empower young people to become volunteers. Coordinate youth outreach in volunteer work.


Sub objectives:

-          Advance societal discussion on the importance of volunteering.

-          Bring together youth organisations and volunteer based organisations to advance and coordinate youth involvement in volunteer work.

-          Create localised initiatives for the development of volunteering.

-          Exchange experiences and best practices on local and national level to improve the quality and effectiveness of youth outreach in volunteer work.

-          Create a sustainable youth volunteering coordination strategy in cooperation with local governmental institutions and NGOs.


Target groups

• Young people aged 14-26 across Estonia.

• People active in their communities and dedicated to advancing volunteering in Estonia.

• Local level youth organisations and volunteer work based organisations in Estonia.


Main activities

• Information campaign and 16 information seminar – the purpose of which is to motivate young people and target groups to take part in the project.

• Young Volunteer Conference

• Young Volunteer Action Week

• Electronic resources – e-strategy, for the coordination of youth outreach in volunteering and effectively including young people in volunteering. E-study guide for schools, youth centres and other institutions. Project initiative database, helping to ensure the implementation of the strategy and bringing illustrative examples.