II Part of Conference Series: „Volunteer work through an expert's perspective“ took place on 03.11.2011 Tallink SPA & Conference Hotel

II part of the "Young Volunteer Conference Series" called "Volunteer work though an expert ’s perspective", took place in Tallinn 03.11.2011. The purpose of the conference, with 40 participants, was to develop and evaluate the solutions offered at the first part of the conference series called “Volunteer work  - to whom and why?”  Among the participants were school teachers, local governmental youth workers, and other experts, directly connected to youth work in Estonia.


The main purpose of the whole conference series, that has altogether 3 parts, is to gather together input from young people and experts and create a joint strategic action plan, that would help involve young people in volunteer work more effectively.
III part takes place 13-14.12 Tallink SPA & Conference Hotel. The conference series is supported by European Commission and takes place in the framework of the project "Homne Vabatahtlik - Volunteer for Tomorrow".