Final Conference: „Youth – the Future of Volunteering?“ 13.-14.12.2011 Tallink Spa & Conference Hotell

In Tallinn from 13.-14 December 2011 in Tallink SPA & Conference Hotel beginning at 10.00, the final conference of the project "Volunteer of Tomorrow" called "Youth – the future of volunteering?“ will take place.


The expected participants are those who are interested in the topic of volunteering and youth involvement in the society, in order to discuss the future of volunteering and to develop youth outreach strategy in volunteering. The pre-work of this conference has been done by the youth conference „Volunteer work – to whom and why?“ and a conference-seminar directed at experts „Volunteer work through an expert’s perspective“, where the solutions offered have been gathered to a base-document for the strategy.


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Registration open until 09.12.2011


Additional information: Tel: 55602993, 53417810

                 E-mail: vabatahtlik2011 at sscw dot ee



Conference is supported by European Commission and takes place in the framework of project “Volunteer for Tomorrow".